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As a life long entrepreneur I understand the highs and lows of leading an organization. It can be lonely at the top. After 16 years leading my own high tech firm from zero to $25 million in sales I made the decision sell the company and start a telecom company.

We developed a patent for streaming video that's used around the world today. But 20 years ago nobody new what streaming television was or how to deliver it in mass scale. That's how we raised $65 million from Cisco, Nortel, Texas Instruments and a hand full of private equity folks.

And then came a gut wrenching legal battle fighting to maintain ownership of this highly sought after patent. Three judges and six years later we decided to end the fight. There's a lot of lessons you learn as an entrepreneur.

The biggest thing I needed to learn was how to become a better CEO. It's not enough to have a good idea, and build a great team. I had to learn three things I hoped I never had to learn.

1. How to navigate difficult business challenges and to get everyone on the same page, rowing in the same direction.

2. How to attract people to my idea and close them. You cannot lead people, attract investors, close customers if you don't know how to market, sell, and communicate your ideas clearly.

3. How to surround myself with smarter people than me. It didn't matter that my parents and wife were supportive, it didn't matter that I had other smart people in the business. Sometimes, you have to go it alone because your decisions affect everyone around you. I needed a group of friends - a mentoring group - a ground of respected individuals willing to tell me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear.

This is why I believe the three most important things for any entrepreneur looking to become a better CEO needs to have.

Once you have these three things - you will become unstoppable.



"Mike is a tremendous leader who knows how to grow a business. His business acumen and trustworthiness is impeccable! Mike came to work with me as a turnaround CEO that helped me take my business from an old line printing organization that was struggling after 911 to a Direct Marketing company that I recently sold."

Jeff Bradford, former owner Cross Media Marketing, Inc.

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