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Is Your Business Stuck?

Most companies start, grow, thrive, lose momentum, decline, and eventually lose their way. We believe every business can live out its purpose at the pinnacle of sustained health.

Companies can get stuck in any phase of the typical business lifecycle.

10 Signs Your Stuck

  1. You struggle to hit important targets.
  2. Staff complain about too many priorities and poor communication.
  3. Change at the top doesn’t equal change on the front lines.
  4. You have an innovation problem.
  5. No one is working together.
  6. High capacity leaders are leaving.
  7. Few know when or what to say, “No” to so everything’s a maybe.
  8. Changes are often discussed but rarely made.
  9. Egos, politics, blame, and excuses trump accountability.
  10. Time is spent on urgent matters rather than strategic priorities.

Why Successful Companies Get Stuck

It’s not your fault. Success creates new opportunities and that’s a good thing. But opportunities can be all over the map presenting a variety of options for future products, markets, direction. The future of your business cannot operate in a state of confusion.

Decisions need to be made, complexity needs to be simplified, communication needs to be consistent and coordinated.

Get Unstuck And Growing Fast

Within 30 days you’ll have a comprehensive, customized strategic map and compass, including the structure and systems to help you and your team execute. Then we will help you follow through by providing accountability and coaching for your senior leaders as you lead change.

Week 1: Assess

Wise planning begins with an honest assessment of where you are now. An outside perspective and some objective metrics are invaluable allies in getting a clear picture.

During the first week, we meet 1:1 with you and then collectively with your key management team to uncover the issues and listen to the stories as told by each stakeholder.

Week 2: Decisions

Why work on your business strategy and build action plans? Because when you make vision actionable, you can empower people to make their own decisions and know implicitly you are in complete alignment.

We will spend a day together as a group discussing, discovering, and documenting those decisions that must be made to solidify the future success of your business.

Week 3: Structure

The strongest leaders serve alongside other people who complete the organization. A well-rounded leadership team, in roles aligned to the strategy, creates a healthier culture.

With the strategic decisions firmly understood and agreed upon, it’s time to walk through the things that are happening now that are no longer in alignment with the future of the company. We will empower the team to drive decision making down to the lowest levels in the company and eliminate all distractions. 

Week 4: Action

Assess, decide, structure—all meaningless if you don’t follow through. Challenges will keep coming. Competition won’t slow down. You’ll need the tools, systems and rhythms to see the plan through.

The leadership team will be given the authority and tools to take action and be accountable for the results that everyone agreed are aligned with the company’s strategic direction.

This is an iterative process that creates a culture of continuous improvement and ensures issues are identified and resolved.


"Mike, You played an integral part in the success of Worlds of Wow and I appreciate it so much. You provided direction and our compass before we even knew what that was! Your business knowledge and expertise helped us succeed and laid the foundation for our future.

I just sold WOW in January to a strategic buyer and it’s a huge win both for me and the company’s future. Looking forward to my next chapter! "


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